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COVID-19 – Sample collection guidelines

April 1, 2020 Indian Council of Medical Research – National Institute of Epidemiology Scope of this document: To be used by hospitals involved in collecting samples for COVID-19 testing Purpose: This document gives information on sample collection, packing and transport to laboratory for COVID-19 testing Responsibilities:  Clinician: o To identify the appropriate patient for […]

U can manipulate data

U can manipulate data and the basic concept of ” Evidence based Medicine” – is thrashed when u learn that Evidence is sold in market Most prestigious journals (LANCET, NEJM) loose credibility and I believe- This is not new. In the field of Diabetes- Pioglitazone was banned by recommendations of big shots who are funded […]

*Latest from CDC, USA*

*[07/06, 12:10]:* *The US government’s Centre for Disease Control has made official the emerging scientific evidence on Coronavirus transmission:* Very low risk of transmission from surfaces. Very low risk from outdoor activities. Very high risk from gatherings in enclosed spaces like offices, religious places, cinema halls or theatres. These findings that have been emerging for […]

Corona virus acrophobic?

Remember, we told you understanding novel coronavirus, which is officially called SARS-CoV-2 and which causes Covid-19, is a continuous process as of now? Bio-chemical scientists are devoting maximum energy to decode the behaviour of the coronavirus. Now, a group of researchers have found that SARS-CoV-2, which has frightened the most powerful governments, may be fearful […]


Dr Jagdish Hiremath, renowned interventional cardiologist, credited with successful use of “reversal of heart disease program”  shares his expertise for the medical fraternity here. Cardiovascular diseases are on the rise and among the “stressed” community of doctors! Overall the incidences of smoking among doctors has gone down drastically but the prevailing situation of stress makes every doctor prone to […]