Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (Divyangjan) Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment

Government of India

What is mental health rehabilitation ?

• Mental Health Rehabilitation promotes
• Problem identification; and not being in a state of

• Building Community resilience • Family Counselling
• Recovery

This is done through


Counselin g & Diagnosin g the Problem

Developing awareness about Mental HealthCare

Externalisingth e problem

Reconnecting with oneself

Promoting independenc e and autonomy

Developing Skills

Providin g access to resource s

Present Situation




• Out of every four persons, one person will have some mental problem at a given point of time, in their lives.

• Currently 450 million persons are suffering .

• Mental illness is among the leading causes of disability and ill- health in the World.



• Prevalence amongst Adults- 10.6% and Adolescents – 7.3%.

• Greater prevalence amongst persons living in Urban Metros.

• Persons with low incomes also susceptible .

• Treatment Gap ranges from 70% to 92%.

Need For Helpline ‘Kiran’

• Limited number qualified professionals in Mental Health.

• Acute shortage of Clinical Psychologists, Rehabilitation Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Psychiatric Social Worker and Psychiatric Nurses.

• Absence of Universal dedicated helpline in respect of rehabilitation services for mental illness, to provide 1st stage counselling and advice.

• Adequate availability of Telecom/ Internet services facilitates provision of mental health services.

• ‘KIRAN’ will empathetically address the mental health issues of PwDs in particular, and the common population in general.

• Assist callers with identification and acceptance of the problem; provide 1st Stage Counselling, follow up Counselling and referrals as the case may be.

• Keep the callers identity confidential.

The Three Pillars

Telecommun ication infrastructur e requirement; Robust connectivity

Human resource managemen t;
Soft Skills and empathy

Publicity regarding the helpline; Expanding outreach

Mental Health Rehabilitation Helpline


Main features

• Toll Free

• Operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week

• Technical Coordinator- BSNL

• Available in 13 languages

• 25 Institutions including 8 National Institutes involved

• Backed by 660 Clinical / Rehabilitation Psychologists and 668 Psychiatrists.

• Wide Publicity through audio, video and social media

• • • • • • • •

Objectives of ‘KIRAN’

Early screening;
First stage of counselling; follow ups; Psychological support;
Distress management;
Promoting positive perspective; Psychological crisis management; Referral to mental health experts; Mental well-being.

Languages Covered


• Hindi
• English
• Assamese • Bengali
• Gujarati
• Kannada
• Malayalam

• Marathi • Odia
• Punjabi • Telugu • Tamil

• Urdu

Helpline Centers

National Institutes (NIs)

Regional Centers (RC)

(i) NIMHR, Sehore

(i) NIEPID, RC-Noida

(ii) PDU-NIPPD, Delhi

(iii) NIEPMD, Chennai

(ii) NIEPID, RC-Navi Mumbai

(iv) NIEPID, Secunderabad

(v) NIEPVD, Dehradun

(iii) NIEPID, RC-Kolkata

(vi) AYJ-NISHD, Mumbai

(vii) SV-NIRTAR, Cuttack

(viii) NILD, Kolkata

Helpline Centers

Composite Regional Centers (CRC)

(i) CRC-Ahmedabad

(viii) CRC-Kozhikode

(ii) CRC-Sundernagar

(ix) CRC-A&N Islands

(x) CRC-Bhopal

(iii) CRC-Guwahati

(xi) CRC-Tripura

(iv) CRC-Davanagere

(xii) CRC-Nagpur

(v) CRC-Nellore

(xiii) CRC-Gorakhpur

(vi) CRC-Rajnandgaon

(xiv) CRC-Lucknow

(vii) CRC-Srinagar

Mechanism of Support


  Publicity to be given in Print, Audio/Visual and Social Media.

  Printed advertisements in newspapers, weeklies, etc

  Radio Jingles and Videos prepared

  Promotion through Social Media like Whatsapp, Facebook.

  Helpline no. will be flashed prominently on the website of the Department, NIs, CRCs, departmental PSUs, etc.

Collaborating Departments, Institutions and Associations

  Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (DEPwD)

  National Institute of Mental Health Rehabilitation (NIMHR)

  National Institute for Empowerment of Persons with Multiple Disabilities (NIEPMD)

  Other 6 National Institutes

  14 Composite Regional Centres (CRCs)

  Regional Centres – NIEPID

  Indian Association of Clinical Psychologists (IACP)

  Indian Psychiatric Association (IPA)

  Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL)

Inauguration of ‘Kiran’ (7.9.2020)

Helpline 05 Providers


Launching 24X7 Mental

Health Rehabilitation 02 Helpline


Brochure (Bilingual)

Resource Book (Bilingual).



Poster (Bilingual)


Thank You!

Dr. Prabodh Seth
Joint Secretary, DEPwD
Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment Govt. of India

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