How is life on the first year of an MBBS?

“Mom, I won’t go to school today. Would you please let me sleep, turn off the alarm na !!!”

Oh. I’m no longer in a school 😦

So what ?!? I am in a college right, who gives a shit about attendance. Lemme sleep.

Anatomy Practical : Sleep kiddo sleep. I am gonna deal with you later.

Me : I was joking Sir, coming right now !!

Before entering a Medical College, students have a very wrong perception : the hard working obstacle has been tackled. Now simply fun.

Just a piece of advice : Getting into a Medical College is no success champs. Rather, surviving MBBS is the real success.

( Don’t be demotivated please. But, this is the harsh reality. If money, fun, relaxation, boozing is your form of enjoyment, then sorry, MBBS isn’t your line )

Forget that super large font sized NCERT book. The books you will be facing here is actually quite enough to help you make your body fit if you utilize them as dumbbells.

If you have friends who took up engineering, you are bound to feel sorry for yourself for at least once. They would go for bunks, and you will still be searching for the ulnar nerve.

They would make friends right from the first day, but for you, your FIRST FRIEND has to be

But don’t worry, you are going to be the DOCTOR.

They would be going out on regular movies with their friends and partners. Enjoy theatre dramas and not to mention 3D shows. And on the other hand, you will still look into the microscope in order to figure out : Where the fuck is this serous acini ?!?!?

3D shows ? Forget that, help me out with this one.

But don’t worry, you are going to be the DOCTOR.

They would be attending workshops and tech fests in order to devise new robots and show their new projects. And you have till now pricked your finger indefinite times for THAT GODLY drop of blood and at the end, the smear won’t even be proper -_-

( The Blood group determination expt. Aaahhhhhh….. I liked to do this one, no worries of making that smear and the colours are so vibrant, looks quite similar to the Gems. )

But don’t worry, you are going to be the DOCTOR.

But that doesn’t mean that we don’t enjoy. We too have birthday parties, fests, seminars, and lots more !!!!

( That Armaan Malik night was simply love ❤️ )

MBBS is surely not a cakewalk buddies. We have to toil a great lot in order to just pass. Life isn’t easy but the profession calls for it. At end of the day, the wide smile at your patient’s face has a much greater value than checking your account balance because,

You are a DOCTOR

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