Did anyone ever realize how the Chinese did their wars in last 80 years?

All they did were border wars with Russia, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, India.

They may have lots of weaponry. Have they ever done any significant bombing using a fighter plane?


They have a simple methodology when it comes to war. Irrespective of the faction or leader at the top, the war has to be just one methodical salami slicing of border. Yes they know they will have casualities. Say 1000 chinese are dead. So what? Say 1000 chinese die and they did not gain an inch under Modi, so what? They will still continue and wait for the next leader (God forbid there will be another Manmohan Singh). They will then again do salami slicing.

Like this they will do a 100 years of salami slicing.

Did anyone notice that is there any border settlement with Russia, India, Vietnam, Taiwan, Korea, Japan? A BIG NO

They keep their borders ambiguous for this centuries spanning salami slicing war methodology. That is how they expanded their territories. For them humans are like chickens for us. Grow them to slaughter them. For example during corona virus, those they know will die and are on ventilators in the last stages were sent to cremation. Why waste time and energy an oldies who are anyway dying.

Now what are India’s options to tackle this “salami slicing” by China? Massive war and get over it? Impossible. Both countries will go back 50 year and the west will be very happy at that development.

The real option is to defend the land we have with every blood that we can shed. Unfortunately there is really no option. For the Chinese there is no hurt as they are willing to keep losing men and comeback. Losing 1000 men to just get one square km of land is their century old policy. They don’t do hungama like using 100 tomhawk missiles to bomb. That is never their game.

They lay roads and bridges on puppet regimes and then use them to do salami slicing of their own competitors. They did all this and tested win/loss during Breznev, Kruschev, Gorbachev, Yeltsin. Gained a lot in Siberia. But they did play much with Putin. They will wait out Putin and start again.

Loss of 20 soldiers is something we mourn. But as we are too much exposed to the west, we have also started reacting like the western TV channels do. But I may sound insensitive, when it comes to china, the only parameters to look are (1) did we lose land (2) did we kill more than what we lost.

the score and the land balance is on India’s side. But keep doing (yes there will be casualities in those bloody mountains).

Did anyone know how much china lost to India in 1967 NathuLa and in 1986 Somodorun Chu?

Did anyone know that they lost 15,000 soldiers in Vietnam but after the bloody nose they declared that they won against Vietnam.

They don’t declare win or loss or casualities. That is also their centuries old methodology.

For example even if they had taken Galwan river valley from India today, they will never celebrate. They kill 100 or get 1000 killed they will never announce.

Please note that India army is not a dying machine and it is bloody killer mac hine. We killed them in 1967 and 1986.

Only in 1962 we lost because of cowards ruled the country. Don’t always go back to 1962 and get scared. Look for 67 and 86.

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