U can manipulate data

U can manipulate data and the basic concept of ” Evidence based Medicine” – is thrashed when u learn that Evidence is sold in market

Most prestigious journals (LANCET, NEJM) loose credibility and I believe- This is not new.

In the field of Diabetes- Pioglitazone was banned by recommendations of big shots who are funded by Pharma companies who manufacture DPP4I

ADA- EASD guidelines changes totally and talks about 1st line drugs which are either very costly or less potent and tries to throw cheaper potent drugs in dustbin. Daily webinars on costly drugs- and big shots(key opinion leaders) are bought who talks about costly drugs only to get kickback from Pharma companies and influence practice of General Practitioners.

Now come to the poin–

*China Funds 3 Indian Origin Doctors in US to rumor against HCQ*


Not long after Chinese Virus shown it’s true colors, the HCQ (hydroxy chloroquine) came as the boon to patients around the world.

However unrest started in China so as to how the world could recover so quickly, from a excellently planned and executed biological warfare.

It has been reported that 3 highly esteemed doctors of Indian Origen Dr Mandeep R Mehta MD working Hardward university 2 Dr Sapan Desai working sarjifair Data co3 Dr Amit Patel Uta university Starlet city in US have provided false evidence of risk from using HCQ.

Not only this, their reports have been published in *Lancet* and *New England Journal for Medicine*200 years old journal leading to many countries banning the administration of HCQ to COVID-19 patients.

Countless have died due to this stoppage.

Now it has been cleared from trials that the said risks were nothing but rumour to make sure the world continues to suffer.

Even disgraced WHO also now said that the drug is safe and effective for the patients.

However the 3 doctors are to be held responsible for the death of countless people.

CIA must investigate in detail how, how much and means of fund transfer from China to these so called doctors.

Investigation must also be done to find how could such childish report found way to Lancet and NEJM.

Are the chinese roots so deep that they influence the world’s most read and trusted medical journals?

Accordingly punishment must be given for these 3 idiots. To start with lifetime imprisonment, cancelling all licenses, certification and dropping from Indian citizenship.

Their properties should be ceased and turned to hospitals and quarantine homes.

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